Regenerative Medicine

The research in the field of regenerative technology generated in past the 40 years a broader sight on the natural regeneration processes of the human body and the use of such technologies in clinical applications. We have made it our mission to provide efficient solutions in this field that are ready for the daily clinical practice. A small overview about the regenerative medicine and current clinical applications you can find here.


Innovative Solutions

Based on the long-term experience of our founders in medical engineering for regenerative and operative fields Renamedical offers products for minimal-invasive and classical surgery that perfectly integrates concepts from the regenerative medicine into todays clinical practice. 


Training & Education

Renamedical is highly engaged in the training and education of clinical practitioners. Togehter with medical societies we transmit current knowledge about the usage of regenerative technologies in clinical applications. Please contact us for more information about training sessions and hospitations. 

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