What does Renamedical stand for?

Innovation. Quality. Experience.

We are an innovative company that is working in the field of regenerative medicine, with our head office being in Luxembourg. As one oft he most innovative producers of regenerative products for reconstructive surgery, othopedics and nearly all kinds of surgery worldwide, we set new standards concerning quality and sustainability.

Based on the long-term experience of our founders in medical engineering for regenerative and operative fields we offer a natural stimulation of regeneration via PRP, gentle procedures of liposuction and own fat transplantation, as well as separation of stromal vascular fraction cells (SVF cells) and combine these for:

 Aesthetic body forming for reconstructive surgery
 Treatment of soft tissue defects, scars and chronical wounds
Treatment of tendionosis, pseudosrthrosis, arthrosis and orthopedic arthritis


Beyond that there’s a lot of further usages including in cardiac surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology and MCG surgery.


Sustainable and future-oriented

In recent years our company aquired international reputation in the fields of regenerative nourishment of fractures, fast intraoperative natural haemostasis and effective adhesion prophylaxis.

The future starts today – with the innovative AdiStem system in Europe. Along the usage of minimal amounts of blood for preparation of PRP and the usage of own body fat for anti-aging treatments we succeeded in developing an enclosed system for the separation of adult stem cells for regenerative medicine at the point of care.


Quality and a broad array of procedures

With this innovative technology and a wide spectrum of applications we create overvalue for patients and surgeons.

The AdiStem system optimally fulfills the requirement of the fast growing trend which is the usage of own fat tissue to correct soft tissue defects, to improve scars and to enhance wound healing. 

Adistem already helped thousands of people worldwide with orthopaedic. plastic, MCG, eye, heart or diabetic problems. Today the Adistem technology is also available in Europe, thanks to Renamedical.


Regenerative medicine

The newest development of the AdiStem system for gaining adult stem cells for regenerative medicine will support our company innovatively and sustainably.