AdiStem PRP

Blood collection tubes for preparation of
platelet rich plasma (PRP)

- Easy and effective to use
- Tested in clinical use
- Immediately ready for use
- Contain anticoagulants


AdiStem PRP is easy and effective to use

AdiStem PRP tubes have been specially developed to prepare autologous platelet rich plasma and have been approved as a medical device. The evacuated tubes can be filled using standard methods of blood collection and contain the optimal quantity of sodium citrate for PRP preparation. With the help of a centrifuge,
they enable quick and sterile preparation of autologous platelet rich plasma at
the point-of-care in your hospital or practice.

… and is multifaceted and cost effective.

When developing the AdiStem PRP tubes, particular emphasis was placed on meeting the needs of practitioners. The four PRP tubes enable cost-effective preparation of autologous PRP from 40 ml of patient blood. They do not require a manufacturer-specific centrifuge or extensive single-use systems and are ideal for single-spin and two-step separation of platelet rich plasma from whole blood of patients. They also enable flexible PRP therapies adapted to the different indications in a single session.

Platelet rich plasma has many applications …

Therapy with platelet rich plasma (PRP) is now established as one of the standard therapies in regenerative medicine. A number of studies and extensive practical experience have documented the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma (PRP) applications in orthopaedics for the treatment of acute or chronic non-healing injuries of tendons and ligaments, oral-, orthodontic- and maxillofacial surgery as well as in aesthetic and plastic surgery for anti-ageing applications and treatment of hair loss / alopecia, for example.

… and can be activated with AdiLight-2.

Photoactivation of PRP with the AdiLight-2 device stimulates platelets to increase the release of growth factors and cytokines. The natural healing cascade is boosted, mesenchymal stem cells are stimulated and inflammatory responses are reduced. The plasma levels of Interleukin-1 receptor antagonists and other growth factors increased by photoactivation effectively reduce the intensity and duration of pain associated with a standard PRP injection.


AdiStem PRR is for distribution in the EU. It is not approved for sale in the United States or Canada.