BioTiss Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

BioTiss is an acellular non-cross-link matrix, meaning a complete sacrifice of chemical cross-linking with foreign body reaction, encapsulation or resorption not being detected thus far. The matrix gets colonized by cells quickly and the biodynamic reconstruction of the tissue begins.

A few weeks after the implantation the accelular tissue matrix already shows a quick revascularization cell repopulation and migration of leucocytes; six months after the implantation distinct vascular structures were visible in situ. Inter alia the bioTiss tissue matrix is recommended to be used to reinforce soft tissue, at tissue defects or to treat ruptures.


A special indulgent procedure is performed manufacturing the acellular porcine collagen membrane; in this validated and certificated process of chemical-physical treatment at low temperature the bioTiss implant is gained out of a porcine dermis. It’s conformity and resistance allow for a perfect stabilization of the tissue and a natural regeneration after the implantation. The natural collagen matrix of the skin remains untouched due to the indulgent process.


Much more positive experience has been documented using acellular porcine tissue matrix at several indications in the section of complex repair of the abdominal wall, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, anorectal fistula, ENT, urology / gynecology, (pelvic base replacement, prolapse surgery or incontinence) as well as in orthopedics and sports medicine.


BioTiss is a CE-marked medical device. It is not approved for sale in the United States or Canada.