100% plant based topical hemostat
effective - absorbable - safe


Renabsorb is highly effective

Renabsorb is a 100% plant based polysaccharide hemostat and suitable for almost any surgical procedure or wound. It is immediately active on contact and indicated for the treatment of local as well as large and diffuse bleedings.

On contact the ultra hygroscopic Renabsorb particles rapidly absorb liquid from the blood and form a dense gel matrix that protects the wound. The dehydration process leads to a local concentration of corpuscular blood particles such as erythrocytes, thrombocytes, serum proteins, and  thrombin. The physiological clotting cascade is activated and accelerated. A solid and tenacious clot is formed. Further blood flow from the wound is inhibited.

Renabsorb is not affected by the patients clotting status, therefore it is also suitable for patients under anticoagulation therapy.

Renabsorb is safe and biocompatible

Renabsorb consists of 100% plant based material  and contains no synthetic, human- or animal-derived components. It is biocompatible, doesn‘t interact with or damage the surrounding tissue and doesn‘t promote immunological defense reactions.

... and is completely absorbed within 48 - 72h.

Unlike other surgical hemostats Renabsorb is absorbed without residues within 2 to 3 days through endogenous amylase, preventing foreign body reactions or granulome formation and allowing an optimal wound healing.

Renabsorb acts fast and is easy to use.

Renabsorb is ready to use and can be stored in the OR without refrigeration. After removal of the cap the Renabsorb particles can be applied immediately without assembling or preparation. There is no risk of overdosage.


Renabsorb is a CE-marked medical device. It is not approved for sale in the United States or Canada.